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200Hr Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training

India - 23 days
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This 200 hour Yoga Meditation training offers a unique mix of yoga practice and wisdom, as well as diving deeply into various practices and teachings of meditation.

The program is designed to cover traditional Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Eastern and Western philosophies and various meditation techniques. 

As part of the curriculum, you will cover approximately 50 basic to intermediate yogic asana and 10 to 15 global guided meditation techniques. 

The syllabus weaves together ancient Vedic mantra chanting, sadhana, self-realization, the path of individuality to divinity and yogic knowledge of Hatha Yoga. The training also includes Raja Yoga with the modern practices of Nada yoga sound science and teaching methodology.

Discover how a shift away from the metaphor of ‘meditation as practice’ to something far more powerful can help avoid common meditation pitfalls and lead to an experience of deep attentiveness, awareness, receptivity, and openness. 

Awaken spontaneous creativity, as you discover the difference between spontaneous insight, understanding, and how meditation can take us beyond the story into pure imagination.

The 200-hour yoga meditation certification course includes your private room with private bathroom and shower, 3 yummy vegetarian meals per day, meditation equipment: pillows, chairs, cushions, book, and videos to borrow, yoga mat and other equipment to practice yoga, daily walks and Sunday excursions and Wi-Fi internet access.


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