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200Hr Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

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In 2000, this Bali training was the first course to be accredited on the island. The school and its teaching faculty have helped thousands of aspiring students fulfill their dream of teaching. If you are seeking a thorough, inspiring and transformation journey, this is a training made for you.
The Training offers participants a wealth of knowledge in the art of teaching. A carefully thought out curriculum covers what is needed to be able to leave the training confident to start your teaching journey. 
This course offers a comprehensive, intensive and practical training to develop your yoga teaching knowledge and skills. Many different styles of Asana is offered to give you an all round understanding. The facilitators believe you need to have a variety of skills in Teaching to be able to offer classes available to everyone and not be limited by one style. 
They also feel it is of the utmost importance to understand your specific needs in regards to your own personal yoga practice. Teachers are there, to get to know you personally so they can help guide you in what practices will be most beneficial for the evolvement of your Sadhana.  

The cost of this course includes tuition fee, manual and certification. 


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