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200Hr Transformative Yoga Teacher Training

Guatemala - 20 days
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The course teaches Mystical Yoga; a union of traditional Sadhana Yoga and indigenous shamanic practices, aiming to reveal your inner mystic. The sequences are the Sadhana Vinyasa Flow and Sadhana Hatha Flow, based primarily on the Ashtanga and Sivananda sequences respectively, and together these allow students to develop any style of class they feel called to share.On top of the standard course offerings, you will also dive deeply into your mystical consciousness, developing your yoga practice from the soul level to bring forth your own unique gifts. Connect deeply through provoking cosmic wisdom and learn the Shamanic healing practices of the Andes. Each training holds a unique energy and each group comes together differently, but in all cases a tribe is formed to guide you. The 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training includes 21 days accommodation, transport services to the venue, and the course fee and manual. During the entire course, you will also be given a chance to have a deep integration of your soul, and some days of silence and fasting.

There is a strong Bhakti component in this training, as your guides bring you into the daily experience of bliss, devotion and self realization through mantras, songs and chanting.


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