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200Hr Shamanic Yoga Teacher Training In Peru

Peru - 20 days
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Mystical Yoga is the union of traditional Sadhana Yoga and indigenous shamanic practices, revealing your inner mystic.

This one of a kind training holds a strong intention for personal transformation. Experience a synergistic coming together of unique souls. During the training, you will dive deeply into your mystical consciousness, developing your yoga practice from the soul level to bring forth your unique gifts.

Called by the energy of the mountains, spirits, and the wonderful Peruvian community, this training will not only deepen your knowledge of the yoga practices but will also evolve you on your spiritual path.

Each training holds a unique energy and forms a tribe that is there to guide you, as you pick and choose what you would like to grow in your world and what you would like to leave behind on your path.

The trainings are arranged in four cycles, following the four cardinal directions, asking the guardian spirits to guide a cycle of release, understanding, growth and empowerment.

Your days will be spent learning yogic theories and healing practices through workshops, classes and group discussions.

The course will cover the fundamentals of yogic living, Ayurveda, and the ancient wisdom of the Yoga Sutras. You will learn the teachings of yoga, applied to daily living.

It will also include other methods of healing, calling on the physical and mental elements, as well as the more subtle forms like earth medicine, energy healing and shamanic journeying.

There will be personal retreat days of silence and fasting, allowing for a deep integration of the course offerings.

There is a strong Bhakti component in this training, as your guides bring you into the daily experience of bliss, devotion and self realization through mantras, songs and chanting.

The 200-Hour Training is inclusive of 20 nights accommodation, the course fee and manual, and daily vegetarian meals.

During the training there will be optional sacred plant medicine ceremonies offered and a few days of visits to sacred sites and medicine ceremonies offered.


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