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200hr Online Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

USA - 24 days
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This 200 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training will take place in the comfort of your own home and virtually through various online training platforms.
Yoga Alliance has made a provision to accept Yoga Teacher Trainings that are given online through the end of 2021 due to COVID-19 and travel restrictions. So this Online Yoga Teacher Training is certified through the Yoga Alliance and exceeds the Yoga Alliance Standards. The content you will receive and the virtual experience you will have will be as close to a normal in-person yoga teacher trainings. 
You will leave this Training with newly acquired confidence in yourself and your teaching. Upon completion of the training you will receive a certificate qualifying you to be a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance. 
The training is primarily a Vinyasa Style training, but other styles including Yin, Power, Restorative, Hot, Iyengar will also be covered.

The training is relatively self-paced by day with the pre-recorded sessions. In an “in-person” training it can also be challenging to take thorough notes throughout the teaching sessions and lectures. With the Online platform you can take your time and be on your own schedule. The approximately 2 hour live sessions with instructors will happen two to three times per week in the Immersion Trainings. The organizers will do their best to coordinate a time based on all the time zones of students all over the world to accommodate as many students online as they can. All live sessions will be recorded and viewable at a later date if you are unable to be available for the live sessions. Whether you are looking to share your passion for yoga through teaching or just want to dive into your yoga practice and learn more about topics that are not covered in regular yoga classes, the facilitators strive to create an environment for all levels and all interests. The details of asanas (postures) will be covered as well as other topics like philosophy, self development, meditation, anatomy, etc. The experiences you will encounter during this training will also give you the chance to learn how to fully unify the different layers (koshas) of yourself and others. Certification through our Unified Yoga Teacher Training will allow you to evolve your Yoga Practice and teaching as you change and as yoga styles continue to develop.
This Training includes the tuition, manual, and online access to all virtual classes.
The organizers are making it possible that All Payments can be applied toward a future In-Person Yoga Teacher Training whenever you are able to join us at one of their amazing locations.Please note, the organisers want you to have a physical manual to be able to take notes in and have for yourself in hand while studying. They do not find it convenient to be ‘clicking’ between two separate electronic files (videos and the manual) while studying and they want you to have the best learning experience possible. They also find it much better to be able to write actual notes in the manual on the relevant pages. So they will be mailing each student a physical Manual prior to the training as well as a physical Graduation Certificate upon completion of the training. It is not possible for them to estimate the cost for the shipping due to everyone living in different areas of the world, so there will be an additional cost for sending you a physical copy of the manual as well as a graduation certificate. This cost will be determined based on your location and an invoice for this amount will be sent to you once they have calculated the shipping costs. (Typical costs within the U.S. are ~$20 USD total and internationally ~$45 USD total).


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