200Hr Multistyle Yoga Training On A Tropical Island - Go Enjoy Yoga
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200Hr Multistyle Yoga Training On A Tropical Island

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Offering a safe and supervised environment, this course places strong emphasis on teaching practice, encouraging you to grow in confidence and find your natural teaching voice. 

This comprehensive, theoretical and practical, hands-on training program is designed to be both an educational experience and a journey into your own soul that will enliven your senses, energize your body and expand your horizons. 

This is a non-dogmatic and scientific approach to teaching, which provides an exceptionally complete, organic program. Based on the development of qualities of the heart, such as simplicity, love, kindness and compassion and they believe that life is for learning, but also for celebrating. This offers a fun, relaxing environment where learning and celebration go hand-in-hand.

As spiritual liberation is the ultimate goal of yoga, it has long been a practice that enriches your personal life. As a yoga teacher, you will also be enriching other people's lives which helps to build a compassionate and loving community.

The teacher training includes your course fee, course materials, one delicious vegan meal each day and your accommodations.


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