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02/04/2020 28/04/2020

200Hr Holistic Tantra Teacher Training In Dharamshala

India - 26 days
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The energy is ripe for deep growth through yoga and meditation on this authentic training program in the magical hills of Dharamshala.

The course carries forth a traditional tantric yogic lineage and also incorporates new insight and different practices to offer a comprehensive and holistic approach to the ancient art of yoga.

The training is designed to give a solid base of practical understanding and is for all dedicated students who wish to go beyond regular classes or workshops. You will go through a journey in the history of yoga and become aware of the differences and similitudes of the different systems of yoga to find your authentic path.

This 200-hour teacher training is truly a training for teachers.

It occurs in an intimate setting with a small group of students, with the intention to produce quality teachers that are fully committed to the work.

The course will be lead by Indian and international teachers firmly rooted in Yogic tradition, is a great opportunity for those who want to access a training of yoga with a teacher who was born in the tradition, but with vision and contemporary communication, holding a lineage which is so important in the path of yoga.

Meditation, union, devotion and service, this in-depth course will provide a strong foundation and clear techniques for the student of yoga to transform into a teacher of yoga, understanding the value of being a practitioner on and off the mat.

After completion, the students will be empowered to introduce yoga to the general public in a holistic way to promote positive health and bring harmony and peace to the individual and wider society.

Included in the rates are tuition fee, teacher training manual, cleansing tools (Neti Pot and Sutra Neti) for Kriya practice, and herbal tea twice a day.

Dharamshala, India is recognized as a location where people have explored yoga and its benefits for hundreds of years. It is considered a sacred site, and as a result, there are many powerful temples and shrines that dot the landscape.


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