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200Hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

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This 200Hr Hatha Yoga teacher training is based on the Iyengar and Sivananda Yoga methods, with a focus on flow, steadiness and relaxation. Asana practice includes the exploration of the Chakras and the Chinese acupuncture meridians with an emphasis on their profound healing properties. 
The course include’s Pranayama, Flow, Restorative or Therapeutic Asana, Relaxation (Savasana), Meditation, Nutrition, Yoga Philosophy and Psychology, Bodywork and Chakra Balancing. Sequences taught are designed to improve both strength and flexibility as well as bring awareness to the flow of subtle energy through the body.
This Hatha Yoga Teacher Training reflects an energetic and therapeutic approach to yoga in line with the instructors' wide ranging experience which includes Iyengar and Sivananda Yoga, 30 years experience as a professional Shiatsu Therapist and Teacher as well as 16 years as a Martial Arts Instructor.
The course emphasises teaching from beginner to intermediary levels. It therefore concentrates on safety, the use of props, correct breathing and alignment, restorative asana, relaxation and meditation as well as more dynamic and strong asanas to improve strength, endurance and will power. Fundamentally students are encouraged to feel the energy flow in each posture to get the maximum understanding and benefit from their practice. 
Students need to respect their own limitations and are not expected to exercise beyond their own physical capacities. However all students should be in general good health both physically and emotionally, in order to complete this course with the focus and dedication it requires.
This program will enable future graduates to teach with confidence. The sequences taught are designed to provide an excellent foundation to all the basic poses, to teach avoiding any injury and where necessary adapt poses and sequences for differing physical levels and needs. Emphasis is on getting Prana (energy) to flow while doing the poses, to understand their therapeutic benefits and for each person to practice with enjoyment, proper breathing, correct alignment and sincerity; ultimately harmonising mind, body and energy.
The spiritual notions of yoga can also be found in other philosophical /spiritual traditions such as Buddhism or the Western traditions. This will be looked at more closely in the yoga philosophy classes. 

The course fee includes 2 vegetarian meals per day (except free days)

your accommodation for your whole stay

complete tuition fees

course manual and textbook

pick up (and drop off) from Sparta Bus Station

and Yoga Alliance International Certification. 


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