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03/06/2020 29/06/2020

200hr Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

Croatia - 26 days
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Expect to discover new realms beyond your limited sense of self and find a love and joy never felt before. 

This 26-day adventure will allow you to step into a space of support and self-discovery, so you may leave empowered to express your true inner voice. Return home with skills and techniques that will continue to inspire and develop your body, mind, soul and emotions.
A unique feature of this training is the approach to asana practice: the asanas are practiced and taught in the Rajadhiraja tradition of Tantra yoga, offering ancient knowledge on the deeply transformational effect of asanas with regards to our hormonal and chakra system - rarely taught in other yoga schools. 
You will learn how you can balance your endocrine glands, your hormones, your chakras and your emotions in order to experience a profound sense of well-being and happiness. 
You will receive detailed insight into the practice of more than 60 asanas, along with an in depth understanding of good alignment, benefits, contraindications, hands-on-adjustments and special applications. 
You will also learn how to use these asanas in a variety of yoga styles, such as Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin yoga.While providing a thorough training in asana, pranayama, mudra, bandha and kriya it probes beyond mere physical practice into the realm of higher yoga and meditation. 
Most importantly you will come away with a broad palette of tools and skills to develop yourself as a yogi/ni and to teach others with confidence and competence. 
Your course tuition includes all classes and training, a teacher's manual, meals, tea, snacks, water and accommodation.


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