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200Hr Hatha Ashtanga Yoga Training Nepal

Nepal - 25 days
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This Training course is for those with the curiosity to gain knowledge and wisdom. The experience accompanies and supports you in your quest of attaining mastery over Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga. 

The course program utilises a carefully formulated curriculum to bestow upon you the power of imparting knowledge in others who wish to find peace within – Thus making you a New Yoga Guru. 

A Yoga Alliance-certified teacher training is a comprehensive program designed to introduce you to the basics of yoga ensuring that you can build on a strong foundation as you deepen your yoga practice. 

The course involves the fundamental principles of Yoga Sciences, Philosophical Aspects, Training skills, Workshop, Teaching methodology, Practicum in very original foundation.

The cost of this yoga teacher training includes your accommodation, all meals, herbal tea, training fee, therapies, yoga book, notebook, pen, Jaleneti pot, Sauna & Steam; Swimming Pool (Only in Summer).

Plus daily therapy session, one Day Hiking Yoga, one day World Heritage yoga tours, some therapies as complement, pickup or drop off and volunteer teaching a week in the school.


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