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200Hr Hatha And Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training

Europe - 27 days
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Deepen your physical practice, acquire new skills, find your Yoga family, challenge yourself mentally and physically and explore your spirituality, Become a Register Yoga Teacher.​​The ability to transfer knowledge to others is a skill that only teachers possess. Yoga is an art that should be done correctly or else it could cause damage. Yoga learning is all about practice along with theory. Theory helps in knowing how to perform the asana and actually doing it allows the person to identify the techniques that work for them.This 200-hour yoga teacher training in Italy is something that you will never find anywhere else. Once you enroll yourself for this training, you will have to follow the daily routine. Beginning with herbal tea, you will be performing yogic cleansing and pranayama. Afterward, you will have your breakfast and then attend the yoga philosophy class. After lunch, you will be practicing hatha yoga and pranayama in the evening. Ending your day with dinner, you will have sufficient time to take rest and regain your energy for the next day.
The daily schedule is made with the perfect balance of exercise and rest to ensure that you attain the knowledge during the course. The same schedule has to be followed for a period of 27 days. No matter where you belong or where you want to teach yoga, you can take this course and become a certified yoga teacher. The certification will be valid throughout the globe allowing you to practice and teach yoga anywhere in the world.Completing the 200-hour yoga teacher training course will provide you with immense knowledge and practice of performing several advanced asanas that aim towards better health; physical and mental. It allows you to become eligible for the 300-hour yoga training program where you will learn even more advanced asanas and new techniques to perform them.
Yoga is not just performing asanas. It is a medium to connect with your inner world and attain mental peace. Asanas like Kundalini Pranayama and Shatkarma target the mind helping you to become one with your inner world. Every asana will be performed under the guidance and supervision of the expert teachers ensuring that you get the right posture. 

The 27-day course gives you a great opportunity to become a trained yoga teacher.

The total cost of this training includes -

4 week teacher training course

27 nights Accommodation

Three Ayurvedic vegetarian meals 

International certification eligibility to register with Yoga Alliance, USA

Excursions locally - Free Time

Use of Washing machine, Bicycle 

Bedsheets changes 

Unlimited Water and tea 

Free Wi-Fi 

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