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200hr Bali Bliss Yoga Teacher Training

Bali - 20 days
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This 21 day journey is divided into four cycles of 4 days with a day off in between each. Throughout each cycle, you will use one of the four elements Earth, Water, Fire and Air as your guide and as the foundation for the lessons, insights, ceremony and healing.

This is a mindful vinyasa flow based practice that allows one to find connection and embark upon an insightful journey within. The sequence is rooted in traditional Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa practices but has evolved to meet the needs of the modern yogi. 

Each day begins with an intention, a spiritual lesson of the day, that is weaved throughout the day’s teachings. In the morning classes, you will explore the fundamentals of yogic living, anatomy, meditation, cleansing practices, pranayama, Ayurveda and the ancient wisdom of the Yoga Sutras through interactive and comprehensive lectures. In the afternoon classes, you will fit into the art of teaching and alignment with practice teaching. 

By the end of the course you will have created your own full sequence from the tools provided, and shared this class with the group and facilitators. 

Each day flows within a safe container, held and guided by experienced space holders in an inspiring and heart opening location. Breath and movement are linked to emphasize the meditative nature of the practice and to find stillness in motion. 

Offering a holistic and well rounded approach to yoga, balancing the Yin and Yang, the passive and active, the lunar and solar, the feminine and masculine energies to leave one feeling centered and harmonious. 
Throughout this process you will explore different paths to Union including movement, song, dance, chanting, ceremony and more. 
Each evening will close with Satsang, a sacred community gathering, which may be meditation, kirtan, chanting, sacred ceremony or a sharing circle to connect and release the day’s challenges, triumphs, insights and joys. 
You will embody yogic living, fully immersing yourself in the experience of living and breathing this practice on and off the mat. For many, this becomes a life changing experiencing.


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