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27/06/2020 25/07/2020

200Hr Authentic Yoga Teacher Training

Bali - 28 days
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In 2000, this Bali training was the first course to be accredited on the island. The school and its teaching faculty have helped thousands of aspiring students fulfil their dream of teaching.

If you are seeking a thorough, inspiring and transformation journey, this is a training made for you. 

The Training offers participants first hand experience of living yoga every day in a natural environment and to teach the skills to continue to teach and live an Ayurvedic and yogic lifestyle for optimum health and well being. 

The style of asana taught on this training is best described as Vinyasa yoga with emphasis on alignment focused asanas and the flow of breath while transitioning from pose to pose.

This course offers a comprehensive, intensive and practical training to develop your yoga teaching knowledge and skills.


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