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200Hr Ashtanga-Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

Thailand - 22 days
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Experience personal transformation in Thailand. Under the wonderful guidance of experienced international yoga instructors, learn asanas, history, pranayama, meditation, kriya and much more.

To ensure the quality of the program and offer personalized guidance for each student, each yoga teacher training course is limited to 26 students.

The daily course outline consists of morning yoga and meditation practice, classes, afternoon practice and group teaching. A pivotal component of the course is the physical practice of different styles of yoga. Students will practice the Ashtanga Primary series as well as Vinyasa, Yin and Power/’Rocket’ yoga, gaining an appreciation for the many different forms of yoga in the modern world.

You will follow a very practical hands-on approach, learning the art of adjustments, key pose alignments, the use of basic yoga props, and how to approach yoga as a business. By day 10, you will be ready and prepared to start a self-practice. That’s the way of practicing called Mysore style and can be considered as the Heart of Yoga. 

During the class, the teacher will work on a one on one basis, providing you personalized feedback and guidance to improve your practice and go deeper in your body. 

Upon graduating, students will be able to draw from their own experience of this wide variety of yoga styles to create and enhance their own class sequences, incorporating elements of Ashtanga and Vinyasa asana practice combined with pranayama and yoga philosophy.

This teacher training package includes your free dorm accommodation for the duration of the course to the first ten signups, and all the classes and workshops which will qualify you to become a confident and proficient teacher.


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