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2-Week 100 Hours Yin Yoga Teacher Training

India - 12 days
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Mysore Style means that you can practice at your own pace with an expert supervisor providing individual attention for adjustments. This type of consideration allows for the personal transformation with your own rhythm. Small classes (under 15 students) allow you to evolve according to your own personal development.

This 100 hour Yin Yoga will give you the insights and understandings to lead effective long-hold, deep-stretch classes. The basis of the practice is a series of postures that focuses primarily on the hips and low back, although other joints may receive stimulation and attendant benefits, as well. 

The cadre of Yin postures is small in comparison the the vast Hatha repertoire, and its alignment particulars are more directly determined by the yogi’s physical structure than by the aesthetic execution of any pose. Some postures will come easily, others will require more patience to accomplish and some may simply prove impossible, all based on the individual’s bony architecture. 

By exploring the capabilities of one’s own body, as well as others’ within this teacher training setting you will gain unparalleled self understanding that can immediately be applied within any yoga class setting, not just in Yin yoga.

This Yin teacher training is academic, experiential and enlightening. For some it may prove to be a deeply spiritual experience, something they can joyously share with their students. Because, in exploring one’s self in this way so as to discover the Self through the physical limb of yoga is yet one more opportunity for awakening.


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