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100Hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

India - 14 days
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This Hatha Flow and Chakra Immersion Course will take you on a journey through the subtle body and chakra system. It will provide you with the opportunity to deeply connect with the energetic, physical, and spiritual self.
This insightful program has been designed for yoga teachers and practitioners to go beyond their physical practice, using the chakras as a tool for self-investigation. It will encourage introspection through the subtle body, allowing you to become familiar with your energy centres and your unique experience of the now.
You will be encouraged to reflect, create, share and explore your true self, engaging in a yoga practice from a new perspective. You will expand your knowledge of Eastern Philosophy, learning about The Koshas, The Vayus, Mudras and the basics of Ayurveda.The course presents the traditions of Hatha Yoga with a modern and contemporary “Flow” approach. Teachings will be centred around chakra balancing. Through participation and investigation, it will allow you to infuse your own practice with new creativity and fluidity. It will also draw from Yin Yoga and Kundalini, bringing together a unique understanding of the chakras and how we relate to these via our yoga practice.
Immerse yourself into your studies in the holiday environment of Goa and awaken your inner power!

This is an advanced course building on the foundations set as part on your 200 hour YTTC. This course is not aimed for beginners although it is a much gentler and softer practice than some of the other courses.

The price of the package includes your tuition, accommodation, WIFI, tree meals daily, herbal teas and drinking water available all day.


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