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Yoga, surf, and fun in the western Algarve

Europe - 6 days
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Daily pranayama classes Daily morning yoga classes 1 yoga Nidra class (sleeping meditation) 1 beach yoga class 1 Yin yoga class 1 group Reiki or sound healing session with a professional therapist (min 4 pers) 4 half-day surf classes (1.5-hour each session) (more can be booked on spot) Daily healthy breakfast buffet 3 home-cooked vegetarian dinners 1 lunch with group in local restaurant Alkaline water, herbal tea, & fruit available during day 5 nights accommodation


Experience the incredible power of combining the energizing practice of yoga with the ancient sport of surfing. Inside every moment and every action is an opportunity to connect with life. By practicing mindfulness through yoga and meditation it can enhance your every experience which is why it is such a perfect compliment to surfing. Surfing mindfully makes you acutely conscious of the water's energy and flow, much like a yogic breath, and can provide an experience which connects you to nature in a deeply profound way. The physical benefits of practicing yoga as a surfer are improved balance, flexibility, lung capacity, core strength, and it also decreases the risk of injury. This is why practitioners of both yoga and surfing benefit from the physical and mental enhancements of the combined exercises.


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