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01/02/2020 31/08/2020

Yoga is life, life is for true love & happiness

India - 7 days
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Learn secrets of Hatha - Tantra yoga asanas Learn about Tantra love meditation Deepen study about theoretical & spiritual knowledge Enjoy calmness in beautiful garden & on rooftop Natural, local Ayurvedic meals, & herbal tea Enjoy your meals in beautiful front yard Morning & evening meditation sessions 6 nights accommodation


Authentically “Nath” Yoga is the foundation of all Yoga systems. Traditionally it is known as “Hatha” and “Tantra” Yoga. “Shree Aadinath yog”, is purely based on scientific and traditional “Nath Yoga”. %Yoga is a complete science to know about the physical body. It is a Psychology to understand the mind. And, it is an Art also, to self-realization. Tantra yoga is another branch of Nath yoga (Hatha yoga). It is different from other spiritual traditions because it takes the whole person and his/her worldly desires into account. It views the body as a means, rather than an obstruction. Tantra mentions that spirituality and sexuality are not separate. Rather, these fundamental and exquisite forces of our innermost beings are deeply integrated and united bringing a sense of divine balance and fulfillment within one’s self. %Through the study of tantra, we gain awareness and mastery over our subtle energy, body and creative sexual energy flows. Tantra teaches us to become familiar with our mystical nature and when we do so our boundaries expand. We become empowered, more fulfilled and more perfect. The mechanism of tantra proves to be effective in every situation. Spiritually its uses for the prevention of misery, misfortune guilt, suffering, deformity, etc.


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