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Yoga & Ayurveda for complete detoxification

India - 14 days
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Recitation of sacred sound (Mantra Japa) Yoga postures & practice (Hatha yoga & Vinyasa yoga) Yogic sleep (yoga Nidra) & yogic cleansing exercises (Shatkarma) Ayurveda: theory & practices, treatment & consultation (lifestyle / science of life) Anatomy & physiology (Sharira Vigyan) & yoga philosophy Breathing exercises (pranayama), meditation (Dhyana) 13 nights accommodation Daily healthy meals


This 14 days yoga & Ayurveda retreat aims to guide aspirants to reveal their deeper layers of the mind and cultivate a harmonious lifestyle. It’s an ancient science of healing emerges from Vedas the ancient source of human culture and exercises. It’s like sister concern of yoga, a scientific method to understand body, mind, and spirit. One can apply this beautiful science in practical life by just applying these natural laws for a joyful healthy and prosperous living. You will understand here to apply these scientific approaches of this ancient science through herbs and basic constitution of Ayurveda.


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