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01/06/2020 30/06/2020

Workshops for men in a loving and respectful environment

Europe - 9 days
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Tantra & erotic massages Daily nude yoga & meditation classes 2 evening classes on Saturday & Sunday in Barcelona 3 delicious meals daily (vegetarian & some fish) 6 nights accommodation in countryside One trip to nearby village Water & tea


You are most welcome to join ONEstudio for their annual yoga and Tantra massage retreat for men on a beautiful hill side tucked away in the heart of Spain. ONEstudio will guide you through various practices to introduce you to the wonders of yoga if you are new or deepen your practice for those with experience. ONEstudio offers teachings and insights into your understanding of yourself and other men in a loving and respectful environment. You will work with asanas (yoga postures), breathing, meditation, movement, dance, touch, massage and much more. %You will be guided by a very experienced yoga and massage teacher through a stimulating and very exciting retreat, connecting inwards and outwards. Something you will never forget easily. CAUTION: THIS RETREAT WILL INCLUDE NUDE YOGA. TO AVOID MISUNDERSTANDINGS ON ARRIVAL WHENEVER A RETREAT INVOLVES NUDE YOGA WE INCLUDE THIS COURTESY NOTE.


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