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01/09/2020 31/01/2021

Witness your very own transformation

Bali - 5 days
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Your very own 'Eat, Pray, Love' getaway Shamanic Healing & Pampering spa treatments 8 twice daily meditation, yoga, & pranayama sessions 5 daily Guided Mind's Garden Aromatic Meditation sessions Remove emotional blockages, stress, & turbulence in your mind Heavenly Balinese/Indonesian meals & fresh juices 6 daily workshops & Balinese cultural excursions 5 days, 4 nights accommodation


Join Mind's Garden in an authentic Balinese cultural experience into a spiritual world of self-awakening through Cognitive Behavioural and Positive Psychology based guided meditation, yoga, and pranayama. This soul-nourishing, emotional-cleansing, and body-detoxing super fun 5-day retreat is expertly designed to help you to mindfully and non-judgementally observe your thoughts, emotions, and feelings from moment to moment; to transform your old negative thinking habits by consciously working with (not struggling against) your own mind. %Thus empowering yourself to respond more effectively to the challenges and demands of your everyday life; to connect with who you are on a deeper level and learn to infuse your mind with deep awareness, loving-kindness, positivity, strength and rock-solid confidence; and to explore what it truly means to deeply relax, rejuvenate, take care of your body & mind and blossom into the most beautiful version of yourself. This retreat is for those who are open to positive life change and are willing to put in the work into conscious, mindful, healthy living, and being.


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