Unique 200-hours Kundalini Tantra yoga course - Go Enjoy Yoga
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01/04/2020 31/07/2020

Unique 200-hours Kundalini Tantra yoga course

India - 28 days
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Daily yoga class 27 days of practice Daily meditation session Manta chanting & pranayama lessons Philosophy, anatomy, & physiology Daily breakfast, lunch, & dinner 27 nights accommodation


In this course, participants will be completely purified by ancient yogic practices to their body and mind. After purification, it will be easy to awaken the Kundalini, also one can open or balance the chakras. If someone finds difficulty in this spiritual practice, they will find a booster dose of energy transfer by our Swami Rudrakshdev as Shaktipat. So this course makes our students as a good Kundalini yoga teacher as well as they can feel the real experience of Kundalini awaken by Shaktipat.


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