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Truffle therapy

The Netherlands - 4 days
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2 yoga sessions Deep emotional support 2 psychedelic ceremonies Various ceremonies & therapy Sound healing & guided meditation Trauma release exercises & ceremony Vegan or vegetarian breakfast, lunch, & dinner, cooked by a private chef 3 nights in luxury accommodation


At inner-journey they combine the jungle vine Caapi from the Ayahuasca with magical truffles (Psilocybin), which results in an incredibly powerful and beautiful entheogenic medicine that is at least as powerful as the Madre Ayahuasca. Heal yourself by making contact with your own subconscious during a Truffle-Huasca ceremony. Because inner-journey works with an MAO-inhibitor, the same one that is used at the Ayahuasca, the same strict rules for participation apply. Anyone who wants to participate will be screened in advance and will have to sign a statement. What they can now offer is that people who have a contraindication with the use of the MAO-inhibitor, can possibly participate by only taking truffles without the MAO-inhibitor. Also very effective and intensively healing. A Truffle-Huasca Ceremony is very suitable for brave people who want to broaden and deepen their lives. Magic truffles can open the subconscious and the subconscious. With the right preparation and attitude, you can achieve unprecedented results. This Truffle-Huasca retreat can mean a lot to people struggling with: burnout, stress, anxiety, grief, loneliness, sadness, depression, addictions, negative or low self-esteem, sexuality and intimacy, but is also very effective for health problems.


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