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Take your practice to the next level in Italy

Europe - 15 days
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Pranayama & Mantra chanting Yoga philosophy, anatomy, & physiology 2 daily Hatha yoga sessions plus meditation class History & origins Yogic lifestyle including diet 14 nights accommodation in a 2 stars Hotel 3 vegetarian meals a day


The 100-Hour Yoga Teacher Training curriculum runs parallel to the 200-Hour course, and introduces the question, "What is Yoga?" This inquiry establishes the foundation for the next 15 days and 14 nights, while we explore Hatha Yoga postures, as well as introduce Sanskrit terms for each asana, without the expectation that you have a high degree of proficiency in their use. Students are exposed to a foundational understanding of the human organism according to Western science and Ayurveda, to create a bridge between Eastern and Western ideologies and help students begin making connections for themselves. This 100-hour YTTC is a part of 200-hour teacher training courses for students who do not have the time to complete the 200-hour course in four consecutive weeks. It is also possible to attend this program as an intensive retreat / immersion without any obligation to take other course to complete 200-hour course.


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