Take a big bite of China | Go Enjoy Yoga
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01/09/2020 30/11/2021

Take a big bite of China

China - 3 days
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Visit Tao Beer museum Daily yoga & meditation Experience city light show Pick green tea or fruits in mountains Visit Chinese traditional academic school Participate in activities from thousands of years ago 2 nights accommodation 3 daily vegan meals


Take a small break to be present, notice how your breath flows, create a space while just following the nature of your breath, be fully present here without thinking what you have to do there, allow breath to carry through, to the rest of the week, to whatever task you have ahead of you, just notice that at any time, you can take pulse and practice the awareness. The moment that you're in, is the only moment you need to be aware of, gently draw attention back to your breath whenever it wonders around, nothing is unchangeable - neither the best or worst moment will last forever, and that's why so it's important for you to save the joy and embrace the natural flow of life when you get it.


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