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Stretch and unstress on a weekend retreat

India - 2 days
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Daily yoga & meditation sessions Daily mantra recitations & relaxation An introductory study of Indian philosophies Opportunity to explore Himalayas shrines & temples Daily pranayama & breath awareness practices Exploring holy town of Rishikesh Daily vegetarian meals with snacks 2 days 1-night accommodation River rafting


The fundamental purpose of this weekend yoga and meditation retreat program is to experience the state of spiritual wellness. All the components of yoga such as asana, pranayama, mudra, bandha, meditation are designed to experience spiritual wellness. Spiritual wellness is the state where you are able to soften the sentiments, feelings, thoughts, and aggression and connect with the positive and the creative aspects of life. This yoga retreat by Aadi Yoga School is a unique and powerful program to experience deep relaxation, healing, and transformation through both traditional and modern forms of asana, pranayama practices, and contemporary meditation practices. At the same time, the aspirants will have the opportunity to explore the Himalayas shrines and temple.


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