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01/06/2020 31/12/2020

Stillness, inner silence and clarity of mind

Australia - 5 days
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Yin Yoga Yoga for back Hatha & Nidra Yoga Singing Bowl Meditation Zen meditation techniques Mindfulness meditation & dharma 4 nights accommodation Beautiful surroundings


Have you ever just sat quietly in the morning listening to the sounds of nature and allowing the beauty of it all to seep into your very soul? Practicing noble silence regularly will allow you to feel more and more of nature living its life as it surrounds you. This retreat will focus on the gaining of emotional contentment and finding the inner silence that lies within us all. It allows time for introspection for clarity of mind to give the answers to the questions in our life an opportunity to arise. %This retreat is open to all people, however, it is recommended that you have had some sort of retreat experience. The teaching subjects given by the Zen Master Fushin on this retreat are of more advanced concepts in their nature and it would be advisable but not a requirement for participants to have some sort of background in Zen or Buddhism understanding.


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