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Step back into your true radiance

Europe - 4 days
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Twice a day Kundalini yoga Morning & evening meditation The heart energy exploration workshops Mountain, forest, & beach surroundings Breakfasts, lunches, & dinners 3 nights' accommodation Airport transfers


During this retreat, you will focus on fully coming back into your connection to love; pure, true, absolute love, the big love, personal love, and cosmic love. Exploring what it feels is like to really open up fully and completely to the vibration of love at the center of the heart, to fully allow yourself to flow deeper and deeper into higher frequencies and feelings of love. Of course, to be strong in love, you must be strong in the fire inside you, strong in the nabhi, and able to bring that energy up. This program is designed to give you space to fully connect to that vibration of pure love, joy peace, and harmony inside. Join Soul Adventures and find the center of your heart!


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