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15/10/2020 26/10/2020

Solidify your Yin yoga foundation

Europe - 12 days
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Daily yoga practice 100-hour Yin yoga teacher training Retreat vibe with like-minded people The intimate & personal learning experience 3 daily home cooked meals 11 nights accommodation


Yin yoga is a powerful style of yoga that physically unravels the body's matrix of tension, mentally concentrates the mind, emotionally relaxes the body and energetically stimulates the flow of Qi. When combining Yin yoga, meditation, and mindfulness with pranayama, Shanti Atma Yoga believes that nothing is impossible, internally or externally. Yin yoga holds the key to unlocking the full potential of holistic and comprehensive yoga practice, both on and off the mat. Yin yoga is an experience, not a class. It is a journey, not a style. This in-depth course will take you through the class, into the experience, using the style and transforming it into a journey of self-discovery, physically, energetically, emotionally, and mentally. There is far more to discover in Yin yoga and mindfulness than meets the eye.


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