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22/04/2020 26/04/2020

Silence has a voice of its own

Europe - 5 days
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Suitable for beginners Morning asana & evening Yin practice 2 daily meditation & pranayama sessions Walking meditation or outdoor silent activities Plenty of time to do resting, journaling, sunbathing, or swimming 3 daily organic vegetarian or vegan buffet Opportunity to have a digital detox 4 nights accommodation


Most of the days in our lives, we are lost in the matrix of our thoughts, beliefs, opinions and preferences, a state where we experience inner division in which there’s an identification with the so many voices in our head, and that is how we walk away from our natural state. The silent retreat is the opportunity to explore and notice what keeps your attention at the surface, what holds you back from going down into your innermost depth and to practice surrender while being held in the loving spaciousness of the container of the retreat itself. The invitation to surrender into the silence at the core of your being is, a coming-home to your natural state. And when you move from this silence into the world, the rewards are revolutionary!


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