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Ride the Mentawai paradise

Europe - 21 days
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200-hour online yoga teacher training Eligibility to apply for Yoga Alliance International certification upon completion 92 non-contact hours 3 live broadcast recorded yoga sessions a week 90 instructional videos 3 live & recorded personal coaching sessions Online Live Broadcast sessions are held over Namastream app on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday at 6 p.m. Athens time Online Live sessions' timezone: Athens, Greece (GMT+3) during summer & (GMT+2) during winter The training is flexible & self-paced, but best completed in 21-48 days. Trainer: Senior Yoga Teacher Trainer Irana Ji An Fourouli


There are remarkable opportunities everywhere and at every moment. Some of them are inside of us and some are outside. Humanity is realizing its power to change itself from the inside out and help each other to find better ways of living. %For many of us that knowledge deepens with our yoga practice and it feels like discovering something that we’ve known all along. As we practice, realizations come and transformations take place, revealing the potential inside of us and in this world. %New understandings quickly impel us to actualize our dreams, the importance of embodying appreciation, to let life flow, and selflessly help others. Your participation in Anapnoe yoga teacher training is a huge manifestation of this. %Did you find our teacher training because you want to spread the benefits of yoga?Or, because yoga makes you feel more in tune and on the right path? %The gift of yoga is what awakens peoples’ awareness to live vibrantly, create opportunities, to know profound peace, deep inner bliss, limitless freedom, and love. %Wherever you are at, the invitation is just to simply breathe and be present with your experience, to open into something else, into something new. Then this practice will allow you to step into the next aspect of your own exploration.


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