Reward your body and strengthen your spirit - Go Enjoy Yoga
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01/01/2019 31/07/2019

Reward your body and strengthen your spirit

Mexico - 8 days
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2 yoga classes per day Shuttle Service (PVR Airport to PVR Airport round trip) 3 delicious meals each day & freshly made non-alcoholic beverages. 1 complimentary Into Wild jungle trek, & 1 surf or stand-up paddle board lesson 2 complimentary uses of surf or stand-up paddle boards (2 hours each day) 1 90 minute deep tissue massages (or equivalent in value) 1 daily courtesy margarita (or equivalent in value) 7 nights accommodation


This retreat was hand crafted for women looking to escape to the warmth and serenity of tropical Mexico. Reward your body, strengthen your spirit, and connect yourself with other yogis on a similar journey. The Single Yogini retreat was designed not only to offer respite from the stresses and stagnation of your normal routine but also to provide an opportunity to meet other health and yoga enthusiasts during your time here at the resort. Bask in the peaceful serenity of the jungle and our pristine beaches and connect with your peers all in one retreat!


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