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Retreat of a lifetime

Europe - 5 days
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Twice daily yoga (6 styles) Meditation (6 techniques) practices Mind's Garden candlelit aromatic positive transformation guided meditation program Powerfully transform your life by learning how to work effectively with your mind Deeply relax & recharge your body & mind in Mother Nature Detox every cell in your body with purely organic goodness Plant & own your very own tree of life 4 nights accommodation


Wondering where to go post-lockdown? The answer is nature, nature, nature! Connecting with Mother Nature has become more crucial to well being than ever before. Embark on this beautiful journey in nature to transform your life by learning powerful mind control techniques and supercharging your mind towards unlimited abundance, success, love, and happiness! %Join Mind’s Garden and the Azula Community in this 5-day epic body and mind detox program super-powered by purely organic homegrown vegetables of your choice, 100% off-the-grid eco-living, DIY pizza night, twice daily yoga and pranayama practices, hypnotic exercises, and daily guided meditations, and let’s not forget mind-blowing workshops such as the oracle deck and creative visualization workshop, holistic health coaching workshop, Feng Shui for your inner and outer world workshop, mindfulness and self-love as a lifelong discipline workshop, organic gardening and permaculture workshop, natural building workshop, and the blissful Face yoga and Gua Sha workshop. %This retreat is tailored for those that want to powerfully shift their reality and live a happier, healthier, and more abundant life. Are you ready?


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