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Rest and supercharge your life

Thailand - 8 days
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14 yoga classes (60 minutes) 4 Thai or oil massages (60 minutes) 1 herbal compress treatment (60 minutes) 7 mindful breathing sessions (30 minutes) 2 foot massages (60 minutes) 7 nights accommodation Vegan organic meals Magic rituals Hot springs


In order to cultivate and increase your well-being, you need to relax and experience stillness by looking inward. This is your perfect opportunity to relax, clear your mind and find out what you really want. Call it an inner makeover for the privileged few! Our approach to achieving great results? A simple collection of relaxation methods with a splash of comfort: yoga, guided meditation, tai chi, mindful breathing, organic vegan and some wonderful massages and rituals thrown in — not forgetting to have some fun along the way!


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