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01/04/2020 31/05/2020

Relaxing Yoga in Nepal

Nepal - 7 days
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The art of Puja & how to create sacred space‚Äč Yoga Nidra, re-programming of subconscious mind Advanced Pranayama techniques & Pancha Prana Meditation Systematic teaching of Hatha, Astanga, Mantra, Kundalini & Shiva Shakti Yoga Tantra yoga practice with asana, mantra, visualization, mudra, & bhanda Tantric ritual (Tattva Shuddhi), process of purification Shiva Yantra meditation - making body a vessel Rotation of Cosmic Energy - Shiva Shakti bliss 6 nights accommodation


Learn this ancient yoga system from the Himilayan region of Nepal, the land of Tantra. Tantra is the ancient science which uses specific techniques (yoga practices) to expand and liberate the consciousness from its limitations. Its practice gradually brings about the awakening of kula kundalini (cosmic power) that is dormant in everyone. When kundalini becomes activated she moves through the chakras creating transformation bringing out our highest potential. Finally Kundalini unties with higher consciousness in the crown chakra bestowing us with pure bliss. Tantra offers a 5 Yoga System that gradually prepares the body, mind and spirit to reach enlightenment. Join us for a yogic journey that will give you the essential tools to integrate and go deeper into your yoga practice while reaching higher states of consciousness.


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