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Relax in Santa Barbara and deepen your practice

USA - 3 days
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Daily yoga sessions A variety of yoga styles Iyengar, Vinyasa, Kundalini, Yin, Therapeutic & Restorative yoga Enjoy a massage, sauna, acupuncture & more in studio building Nearby beautiful beaches & fantastic restaurants Enjoy a private practice space 2 nights accommodation


Come to Santa Barbara for a personal yoga retreat. Spend quiet time, meditate, in a lovely apartment and prepare food for yourself in the cute private kitchen or walk a few blocks to sample some of Santa Barbara's wonderful restaurants. Practice on your own in the apartment's conducive space and then join the wonderful classes taught by highly experienced teachers to deepen your own practice and explore new teachings. Walk to the beach, go to a play or concert or film, read, be quiet, rest, sleep, and become more centered. The classes are currently online with studio classes coming very soon!


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