Relax into the beauty your heart -let it shine - Go Enjoy Yoga
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Relax into the beauty your heart -let it shine

Europe - 3 days
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Yoga Energy healing massage Mindful movement, meditation, nature walks, creative arts 1 session of horse-assisted therapy (only included for intense programmes) Program designed individually to meet your specific goals & requirements Private workroom & terrace for complete respite & tranquility Daily homemade organic vegetarian food 2 nights accommodation


This is the perfect opportunity to step away from the hassle and bustle of everyday life and come back home to you. This soft and inviting place is the perfect location to relax into. Enjoy delicious vegetarian homemade organic food and daily practices of yoga, movement, meditation, and medicine walks that are all designed to meet your own unique needs and requirements. Allow the wisdom of the natural world to speak to you. Enhance your creativity. Connect to your body, awaken your senses, free your spirit to become the creator of a new landscape and to manifest your dreams and goals.


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