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Relax and get fit with fasting and yoga

Thailand - 11 days
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1-1 holistic health consultations 1 daily yoga sessions (Monday to Friday) 1 pre & post-cleanse day with healthy plants food Psyllium & bentonite clay for digestive health & superfoods Pamper yourself with 3 Thai or oil massages a week 2 weekly holistic therapies, classes or activities Enema bag for self-administered enema 10 nights accommodation


Do you carry a few too many kilos or pounds and this is worrying you? If there are few to no calories coming in and not enough glucose, you will use your own fat for energy production instead. Fasting decreases triglycerides in the blood, increases insulin sensitivity and much more. Smiley Retreat’s Fat-Loss Program works as a hormonal reset and ideal head start towards sustained weight-loss.


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