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Relax, enjoy, and tap into your true nature

Thailand - 23 days
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Eligible to register with Yoga Alliance® 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher™ qualification You can start as an absolute beginner Experienced yoga students can further their practice limitlessly Be expertly guided to have a quality experience & intelligently construct your yoga asana practice Qualify as an accomplished teacher of yoga upon completion of your course Learn at a school which is actively guided by Traditional Tantric Gurus, Bhagavan Shri Shanmukha Natha, & Shri Ma Kristina Baird. Both have dedicated many decades to study & practice of Traditional Shaiva-Shakta Tantra & its parallel traditions, & then founded ashram for purpose of preserving & sharing timeless wisdom Skills to teach a wide variety of yoga classes & workshops Receive daily instruction from Shri Kali teachers who have been living, practicing, & studying this system of Traditional Tantra each for about 10 years Teachers live on-site & share with you both in & out of class Learn new traditional insights into practice of what is popularly practiced as pranayama, bandhas, kriyas, Kundalini, etc Be introduced to Sanskrit, mantras, puja, meditation taught by qualified bonafide teachers of Kaula sampradaya Opportunity to explore deeper aspects of Tantric metaphysics Uncover your true self through relaxation, quiet & guided meditations, & traditional practices aimed at increasing self-awareness Become more peaceful, relaxed, & confident Live in a peaceful & beautiful location, secluded in nature, spanning many acres of green jungle hills, with stunning sea & sunset views Enjoy delicious & healthy vegetarian meals. The food served is a fusion of Indian & Thai, & also includes Italian, Mediterranean, & other European cuisines Build new & meaningful friendships with participants from all around world Participate in a supportive & encouraging environment which will leave you inspired with strength & knowledge to handle whatever your life brings Experience ashram life


In Shri Kali ashram we offer Traditional Tantra yoga, Ashtanga yoga, and Hatha yoga in our training programs in order for you to develop a wider experience and skill set as a yoga practitioner and a teacher. solute beginners can participate in this program. The practices of Traditional yoga respect, honor, and work organically with each body and build up the practitioner without force to the point where they are able to do advanced asanas correctly and with ease. There is truly no limitation. %Our programs are also suitable for advanced practitioners. Many people end up at Shri Kali Ashram after decades of studying Tantra or Yoga and find here the depth of knowledge and experience they could not reach elsewhere. %During your course, you’ll first be given the time to deeply experience the yoga asana system for yourself. Then, from your own genuine experience and guided by our traditional teachings, you’ll learn to authentically share this powerful system with others. days used wisely enables you to experience asanas and share your experience as a competent teacher. %Shri Kali Ashram produces dedicated, serious quality yoga teachers from all different backgrounds. Shri Kali Trained Teachers are distinctive because of the depth of experience they can inspire in their students due to learning the traditional teaching techniques. %In a world inundated with fitness fads the business of yoga has become very competitive and you have to have high skill sets to be able to teach yoga as a business. The true high-quality traditional teaching methodology is actually in the highest demand, and always will be. %Our yoga system includes over 50 asanas which together bring about complete and wholesome body culturing by balancing the subtle energy system (prana/the three doshas as defined in Ayurveda). It ensures very rapid progress in learning asanas so as to become a confident yoga teacher with genuine experience.


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