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Reconnect with your body and soul

India - 23 days
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Yoga teacher training certificate 200-hours yoga teacher training course Meditation walk through fields & forest Intimate eight-member yoga training class Learn marketing & legal business aspects of yoga teaching Evening soulful mantra chanting daily, satsang Hands-on practice teaching at a local school 22 nights accommodation


For those who believe yoga is a spiritual discipline and are keen to experience its efficacy as a science that takes us away from sufferings and into the realm of divinity, bliss! The unique course has produced many competent and confident yoga teachers in just 21 days from different continents and countries. All systems that constitute Raja Yoga - Patanjali yoga, Dhyana yoga as prescribed in the Bhagavad Gita, Mantra yoga, Kriya yoga, and Kundalini, or Laya yoga are covered. On successful completion the trainees are certified as Raja Yoga teachers eligible to teach/train anywhere in the world.


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