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06/02/2021 13/02/2021

Pranic healing, surfing and more

Nicaragua - 8 days
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Pranic healing sessions, meditation & chanting Two daily Vinyasa yoga practices focusing on Eight Limb Yoga Path Daily Sangha & exercises about topic of Eight Limb Yoga Path of Patanjali Daily healthy breakfast & 3-course dinners Enjoying optional side activities 7 nights accommodation


-"Yoga takes you into the present moment, the only place where life exists" ~ Patanjali ~ %You feel it is time to treat yourself and take some time off? Are you looking forward to spend time in nature at a mind blowing Ecolodge in Nicaragua? Would you like to gain a deeper understanding about the Eight Limb Path of Yoga and bring an inspiring experience back home? This beautiful retreat is build up for yoga practitioners, travelers, students and teachers who want to enjoy a passionate and well organized Yoga retreat in nature. Experience with Yoga is not necessary. Gift yourself with a wonderful way to connect with the limbs and from that connect deeper within. Become aware of behavioral patterns, connect with your internal & external relationships and find a way for small changes in the way to live and enjoy life. part of nature, release the Ego, awaken the Self and experience ultimate Bliss. Through the Eight Limbs we will connect with Prana, our Life Force Energy.


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