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Pranayama for consciousness and stress release

India - 30 days
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50-hour of online pranayama training 15 online live sessions Online live sessions will be held via Google Classroom Online sessions' timezone: Kerala, India (GMT+5:30) *timing is made appropriate for European time zone Learn asanas to prep for pranayama & meditation 6 mantra sessions with audio 5 mudra session live & with PDF guide practices Yoga Nidra & meditation audio Videos, PDFs, & audio for self-study & practice Classwork storage via Google Classroom Questions & answers session with expert yogi Shiva Rishi


Breath is life, breathwork is an easy, simple, and effective tool to optimize mental, physical, and emotional health. In this online pranayama teacher training course, you will learn to use powerful breath workout and pranayama techniques to detoxify your body, balance hormones, boost immunity and energy, calm the mind, awaken your full potential to discover the true nature of the self, and brings you deeper into Hatha yoga practice. When the mind is focused on the breath, the nervous system gets calmed down, and there is less stress on the body and it experiences better digestion and elimination. Regular practice of pranayama trains the lungs and improves the capacity of the respiratory system immensely. It also helps to reduce one's appetite and keep the emotions and senses under control (very important in these global times of COVID uncertainty!). This course is ideal if you want to start teaching yoga or if you want to reach a new level in your yoga journey. Anyone who has a desire for self-knowledge and a deepening of yoga techniques should join this course. Pranayama is considered to be the foundation of yoga. It is perhaps the most essential aspect of yoga and life. Pranayama is the best precursor for calming and centering the mind for meditation.


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