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01/05/2020 31/12/2020

Practice yoga asana, get the positive health benefits

Europe - 6 days
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2 guided walks Morning pranayama class Morning Vinyasa or Hatha yoga class (yang based) Relaxing evening Vinyasa or Hatha yoga class (yin based) Daily guided meditations & different series of yin & yang based Vinyasa & Hatha yoga Only 30 minutes drive to one of Valencia's most beautiful & secluded beaches 3 delicious organic healthy plant-based meals prepared by professional chefs 5 nights comfortable accommodation Free private yoga classes


Yoga Sutra Shala invites you to this retreat that will teach you not only yoga to an excellent level, but also to teach you about the health benefits of yoga with the best knowledge in the world on the subject. Yoga Sutra Shala has a lot of experience in running yoga retreats with several different themes in Spain. On Yoga Sutra Shala's retreat, you can be sure that the quality of excellence in every aspect is constantly maintained and that a warm homely atmosphere as well as personal attention for each guest are guaranteed. Yoga includes physical practice of asanas - each one of which has positive health benefits on the body. As well as this yoga encompasses a healthy diet known as a 'sattvic' diet in Sanskrit. Namit, the founder of Yoga Sutra Shala has worked for many years as a leading healthcare professional and as has studied with some of the most respected yoga teachers in the world. As a result his retreat is designed to offer you knowledge at the highest level of all the health benefits of yoga practice. -Yoga in a scientific perspective Your teachers knowledge of health allows this to be translated in a scientific way so that you are given the healthiest food on the planet as well as explained with the latest research the principles of the healthy diet that you will taught about. We want this retreat to be the best experience of yoga and health that we can give you. At Yoga Sutra Shala you are in the most perfect place in the world for a retreat on Yoga and Health as the nature walks that surround us are the most beautiful in the world. The tranquility and the mountain air that surround make this place perfect for developing your wellbeing and learning about developing your long-term health.


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