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01/03/2020 31/12/2020

Practice Kundalini is to follow your intuition

India - 6 days
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1 daily yoga session 1 daily meditation session 2 daily sequence practices 5 nights accommodation 3 meals a day Certification


Kundalini yoga (Hatha Tantra) can be learned in two ways: classical style and modern applied style. Practice sequence classes are focused on applied forms and rejuvenation methods of Kundalini (Hatha Tantra). It addresses the issues which people in the current global culture are dealing with, such as vertebra alignment, lower back pain, cervical spondylosis, endocrine disorder, and psychosomatic issues like anxiety, insomnia, stress etc. %The rejuvenation series is a practice of soft, gentle, and precise movements with the breath to revitalize nervous system, soften the joints, activate endocrine system - primarily the sexual glands and thyroid. The long sustained practice of Kundalini yoga (Hatha Tantra) helps to keep the youthfulness, releases toxins, and works as an anti-aging technique.


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