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Powerful body and mind transformation

Bali - 7 days
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Twice daily yoga & meditation practices Balinese cultural excursions, shamanic healing & blessing rituals Organic juice/coconut detox or intermittent fasting programs Candlelit aromatic positive transformation guided meditation program Soul nourishing workshops to reconnect with your inner voice & intuition Powerfully transform your life by learning how to work effectively with your mind 6 nights accommodation among stunning tropical beauty Blissful 1-hour spa treatments every other day


The first and foremost thing you must know about this program is that it's a powerful 'dose' of self-acceptance and self-love. No more people-pleasing, toxic relationships, and emotional burnouts. It's time to celebrate ourselves, celebrate being enough just the way we are! This program takes you on a transformative healing journey to remove limiting beliefs from your mind, release past trauma and reconnect with your authentic self. Join an authentic Balinese cultural getaway into a spiritual world of self-awakening and transformation through practicing powerful mind control techniques, guided self-healing meditations, and chakra opening work to supercharge your life towards the abundance, success, love, and happiness that you absolutely deserve!


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