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01/03/2020 31/12/2020

Phisical & mental health is primal wealth

India - 6 days
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2 daily yoga classes 1 daily meditation session 1 daily lecture, experiential learning 5 nights accommodation 3 meals a day Certification


Nowadays stress of work, city lifestyle, the pressure of survival and relationship conflicts are generating common psychosomatic issues like a weak digestive system, insomnia, headache, migraines, lower back pain, obesity, neck issues, vision problems, joints pain, wrong breathing patterns, incorrect spinal alignments etc. Rehabilitation Yoga Therapy group retreat brings a solution to this common issues faced by modern humans. The ancient knowledge of Yoga and Tantra is formulated in a very easy manner so that a common person can imbibe the wisdom, adopt it in daily routine and bring a considerable healthy change in their life even if they can only find a few minutes a day in their busy lives. Rehabilitation Yoga Therapy is not only about physical exercises, it also helps one understand the Ayurvedic concept of food and lifestyle and cooking healthy food according to the body type and seasons. While sitting in silent observation of the self, singing, dancing and celebrating the life, connecting with nature and observing natural forces to heal the self of emotional issues and opening the heart to understand other people is all a part of Rehabilitation Yoga Therapy.


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