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Nourish your soul and revitalize your body

Croatia - 5 days
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Daily insightful training Professional PBS team & skippers Individual physical & relaxing treatments Unique group program of Bodytechnics (similar as yoga philosophy) Training personal equipment (mat, gravity) 4 nights accommodation


Nourish your soul, revitalize your body and, just for a moment, get out of your stressful environment and everyday life. This five-day sailing retreat on the Adriatic Sea is offering you not only sailing and gourmet delights, but also the unique and holistic opportunity to balance your body and mind. With all responsibilities you have, it is often difficult to take time and simply breathe, experience the infinity of sea horizon, feel the power of the wind, awake with the sunrise, and enjoy the magnificence of the sunset. Imagine all that, united to the goal of recognizing your hidden potentials through movement, healing sounds, and self-awareness. Indeed, everyone strives for a balance that will enable everyone to have time and energy for all the commitments and leisure too. Just like a puzzle that consists of lots of small pieces, your personality is defined by a number of different aspects integrated into the whole so you can work and play, move and stand still, listen and talk, give energy and receive it, jump with joy and feel sad. You need balance for a happy, energetic, and satisfying life and you are the only one who can determine the actual meaning of the balance for you. Join the professional team of PBS Center for Sports Excellence Kranj, Slovenia, on this retreat's unique program, that combines sailing with socializing and exercising.


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