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Live your life in colour

Europe - 5 days
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Daily yoga session Daily guided meditation practices Daily periods of noble silence to reflect Visits to nearby areas of historical interest Vegan meals, snacks, & drinks 4 nights accommodation


Is your life is so busy that you don't even have time to lose the will to live? %Get your mojo back with 5 days on retreat with us. We will use the powerful tools of Embodied Meditation to release that energy for life that you lost a while back; reconnect you with your inner visionary; feel excited. We will slow down, we will come back into our body and relearn how to feel and live in color. %During this retreat, you will feel relief with daily periods of silence when you do not have to speak or respond to anyone. We have 3 daily sessions of Embodied Meditation and we will look after all your practical needs whilst you get back in touch with yourself. %You will leave feeling energized and inspired and take with you simple and effective tools to practice at home. %We are located in a small village chateau in an unspoiled medieval village and are loved for our gorgeous accommodation, outrageous vegan food, and our rich, soulful approach to yoga and meditation.


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