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01/05/2020 31/12/2020

Live more harmoniously and joyously in nature

Europe - 6 days
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3 yoga classes 3 cooking classes 1 coaching session 1 self-awareness activity 1 workshop "Breathing with plants" 5 nights accommodation


If you are currently facing some big transitions in your life or are feeling you want to change something, my name is Karuna and I am now offering you life coaching and a program to breath and embrace with nature. This experience will help you identify, create, and sustain personal and professional change. These 6 days experience will help to uncover your own deeply held values and motivations and fulfill your highest aspirations. You will be invited for a self-awareness experience in nature. We will explore our own tools, leading us to creativity. First the eyes, our power of sight; then the hands, our longing for expression; and finally the feet to explore the space, to create in motion. What is left is just the sign of our passage in the world; a tiny change into the order of nature. A spark of awareness in the flow of imagination!


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