Let's embrace the future with hope | Go Enjoy Yoga
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01/06/2020 30/11/2020

Let's embrace the future with hope

USA - 5 days
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Sound Healing with crystal singing bowls Meditation practice & understanding quantum energy field Kundalini yoga, a dynamic form of yoga using breath posture, posture, meditation Hiking on vortex spots, learning about vortex & sacred ceremony The incredible potent magnification energy of Sedona is a highlight Healthy organic, vegetarian breakfast & dinner 4 nights accommodation


Now is the time to renew, re-invent and re-ignite yourself. The potent red rock vortex of Sedona, Arizona is the ideal place for that activation! Whether or not you are ready for change, you are being asked to change. The growth that is possible in this 4-night / 5-day journey would take 6 months of attending a weekly class. Come into immersion. Diane Cline has given 65 retreats in six years and is a master at making them customized and personalized for each attendee. When you have a teacher and a method, all is possible. The retreat will focus on sharing how you can shift your energy. Whether it is a blocked thought, a physical issue, relationship or career, the retreat show you in four modalities how to come back to balance. These proven techniques will be tools you will continue to use after the retreat.


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